If you have a tech company or a tech class in the indie author space, you can reach even more indie and self published authors by becoming a sponsor in the Author Tech Summit.

Do you need to show authors how easy your tool or service really is?

You see the comments all the time in places indie authors gather: “I tried ___ but it was too hard.” Now, granted, some give up too easily, but what if you could sit down with them and SHOW them how easy it really could be?

If you’ve been in business any length of time at all, you know the real secret to success isn’t just finding warm bodies with cash; it’s finding the RIGHT clients and customers who are perfect for your product or service. They’re the ones who get the most out of what you offer and become raving fans.

Are you frustrated with less-than-ideal clients?

Do you want to increase your authority in the exploding self-publishing industry?

Do you remember the commercials with the tagline, “When EF Hutton talks, people listen”? You may be too young, but google them. THAT’S what you want – when you weigh in on an issue, you want people to stop and pay attention, because they know what they’re hearing is going to be good – and most likely gold.



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Brought to you by Indie Author Magazine

Reaching over 18,000 independent authors monthly, Indie Author Magazine is the premier resource for authors. Our specialty isn’t only great content but also our focus on technology. Our tech stack is, honestly, impressive. We know that our tech is what enables us to do as much as we do to maximize our man-hours for the things only people can do. 

We want authors to have the same freedom to achieve excellence as well as profit–something only the perfect tech stack can help them do. 

We’re betting you’re part of that perfect tech stack. The authors just may not know it yet.

Hence, our Author Tech Summit.

Become a Vendor and Showcase your Business--maybe even for free! We offer:

Increased Positioning

Increase your position in the industry as a leader and expert in your area. Be the voice people listen to when you choose to weigh in.

Qualified Buyers

ATS is for authors interested in what technology can do for them. The technophobe won’t come to this event, so you’ll be in front of authors with the most tech savvy.

Easy Customer Acquisition

ATS participants are business minded and anxious to simplify their lives and increase their profits through technology. They are ready to learn and buy.

Directory listing

Our sister site, Indie Author Tools, is fast becoming the go-to place for authors searching for books, tools, tech, podcasts, and more. Our directory will give you your own page in our searchable directory, so the authors looking for your tech will find you quickly and easily long after the summit ends.

Value - $300-600

Product Overview

Show authors the key features that make your tech the thing they want and need with a quick 2-minute overview video.

Value - $150


Want more time to showcase the full power of your tool? These 30-minute workshops showcase all your tool can do – and how. They will be pre-recorded, but you can be on hand, live to answer any questions that arise. 

Value - $1000-2000

Digital Ad Placements

Your ad will be served to all visitors of Indie Author Magazine and Indie Author Tools sites. Change your creatives as often as you like via your ad dashboard to maximize clicks and profits. Ads will also be placed on IAM apps and podcasts.

Value - $750-1500


Dive into the details with your potential clients and customers with a 600-word article.

Value - $500

Print Ad

A full-page print ad in Indie Author Magazine. All our issues are available for purchase, and our backlist sales are increasing. Your ad will live on long after the summit.

Value - $1500

Choose your sponsorship level

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$ 250
  • Directory Listing for 6 months
  • 2-minute product overview video
$450 value


$ 1250
  • Directory Listing for 12 months
  • 2-minute product overview video
  • 2 x 30-minute workshops
  • Medium rectangle digital ad
  • Leaderboard digital ad
  • Ads on IAM apps
  • Podcast ad spot
  • 600-word advertorial
  • Full-page print ad in IAM
$4750 value


$ 500
  • Directory Listing for 12 months
  • 2-minute product overview video
  • 1 x 30-minute workshop
  • Medium rectangle digital ad
  • Skyscraper digital ad
  • Ads on IAM apps
  • Podcast ad spot
$2500 Value

Didn't you say free?

Absolutely! Did you notice above that the Silver and Gold sponsorship levels have affiliate commission percentages? They do… This is how it will work.

If you refer 52 paid attendees, your Silver Sponsorship is free.
If you refer 65 paid attendees, your Gold Sponsorship is free.

Here’s the math:

  1. You use your affiliate link to invite people to the summit.
  2. The participant can watch during the event for free. But, to access the recordings later, they’ll pay $97. Plus, we’ll upsell them an IAM subscription. 
  3. 10% of $97 is $9.70, 20% of $97 is $19.40 – to simplify the math, let’s just use those numbers, but remember that’s the minimum. We hope they’ll also subscribe to IAM.

If you send people with your affiliate link to the event and they purchase just the recordings, you’ll only need 52 people to more than pay for your Silver Sponsorship – and only 65 people to pay for your Gold Sponsorship.

  • 52 x $9.70 = $504.40, cash positive of $4.40 for a Silver Sponsorship.
  • 65 x $19.40 = $1261, cash positive of $11 for a Gold Sponsorship.

If they purchase a subscription to IAM or if you get more than that number of people to upgrade, you’ll walk away with all of the awesome benefits of being a sponsor AND even more cash in pocket. If your people purchase subscriptions within 30 days, you will be paid by IAM every time they renew for months and years to come. Perfect passive income.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! Schedule a Zoom with one of our team below and we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

Certainly! We hope you find your placement a great value to you and want to continue. The more options our visitors have, the better for them and for all of us! A win-win-win!

Once you’re on board, one of our excellent interviewers will help your demonstration go smoothly and forestall any questions a new user might have.

Yes, and we hope you will! If you’re there live, you’ll be able to answer any questions participants have in real time.

30 days from the time you upload your creatives. We offer discounts for renewals.

One issue. We offer discounts on renewals.

These will go in the print, e-book, and app versions of IAM. We will endeavor to schedule it for the most advantageous time for you and any promotions you may be running. We will also send a dedicated email in our Tuesday newsletter. We’ll need at least 60 days notice for print, and all placements will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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