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    Maureen Crisp

      Hi Chelle,
      First of all, Thank you so much for The Author Tech Summit. I have been dipping in, trying to catch as many sessions as I can and you are packing in some amazing information in 30 minute segments. 5*****

      I was not aware that Mailerlite did not let me know about new subscribers. I set it up last year and thought that my fiction newsletter just didn’t have any takers as I received no emails from Mailerlite at all. DUH!
      So guess what I will be doing after this email.

      My monthly non-fiction newsletter which is a ‘best of the month’ roundup of my weekly publishing news, and craft and marketing tips is hosted by Mailchimp which does notify me. I was trying to keep things separate… I forgot that email providers don’t all have the same basic features.
      You would think that after 14 years weekly blogging on the industry I would have learned things. All your sessions have been wonderful.SO MUCH LEARNING Thank you. You are much appreciated

      Maureen- @craicer

      Chelle Honiker

        We’re SO happy that it was helpful! It is so funny how they’re all different, isn’t it?

        When I used Mailerlite, I had to setup a zap to let me know when I had a subscriber…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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