PromoRepublic: The Social Media Supertool

When you’re a one-person show, how do you get it all done?

You leverage the power of a social posting tool like PromoRepublic. In this session you’ll see how to setup an entire month’s worth of social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and LinkedIn, so you never miss a reader. With a built-in graphic designer and a suggestion calendar, it’s a tool that can save you time and money.


  • Chelle Honiker

    As co-founder and publisher of Indie Author Magazine, Chelle brings over two decades of executive operations and leadership experience to the role.

    But really, she's a geek at heart.

    She started on her path as a training and technology expert when she was the only one in the office that could fix the printer, and they kept sending her to classes to learn more stuff.

    Eventually she became a sought-after speaker and trainer, traveling all over the world. She's a TEDx Event Curator, Organizer, Coach, and Speaker.

    Currently, Chelle runs Indie Author Magazine, Indie Author Tools, The Author Tech Summit, and her own publishing career from the Hill Country of Texas, to be near her adult daughters, and new baby granddaughter, who is a certified #BabyGenius.

    It's said she could run a small country with just the contents of her ever-present backpack. She'd rather not put it to the test.